Veronica Beard is a brand recognized by millions across the globe for its ability to dress the modern day woman in feminine yet professional clothing! They have become known for their ability to create pieces that seamlessly transition from your social life to your work life and everything in between. Veronica Beard has been able to blossom in to the brand that it is now because of two power-house women, Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard! 

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These sisters-in-law (they married brothers) are the faces and voices behind the ever-growing women's wear brand and it all started with the mutual idea that women needed a "uniform" . Veronica Miele used to work in finance and was very much inspired by the men she worked with - they came in every day in a suit and tie , aka their "uniform" . She wanted to create something similar for women that could look fashionable and professional and work in a woman's realistic day-to-day routine! Veronica Swanson Beard came from a background in fashion and was equally interested in solving this missing pieces of "the uniform" for women. With this co-founded idea they came together to start Veronica Beard in 2010, beginning with the "Dickey Jacket" ! The jacket now is the blueprint of their brand and is truly a item with a cult following (as you know if you've shopped our styles in store!) . It created layering without the bulk and an option to transition from professional to every-day with one zip! 

From this point on the brand collected traction and appreciation from the fashion industry and customers alike. With celebrities like Meghan Markle, Gwenyth Paltrow,  Jennifer Lopez and more-  all rocking pieces from the brand out in public - it grew to have even more of a cult following! With these iconic women giving it a stamp of approval, brand awareness for Veronica Beard grew even more. 

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The Classic Scuba Jacket with Dickey zipped in, shown above 

From day one Veronica Beard has always prided itself on using luxury fabrics, but wanted to be more accessible. After a couple of years they officially transitioned the price point to be more accessible for more women! They wanted to be able to give the designer look and feel to more woman and to help them get a coveted "piece" for their wardrobe! They wanted woman to be able to have it all, high end materials and a more attainable price! 

Why we love the brand?! For all of the reasons above, and more! With each new collection we view and receive we are amazed with the attention to detail and quality of their pieces. The thoughtfulness behind the fabrics chosen really speaks to their ability to recognize current trends and design and produce them in a more timeless silhouettes and fabrics. They have truly created the woman's uniform! They now call their dickey the "Wonder Woman Cape" for the modern day woman.. and we agree! When you know that you look good, you feel unstoppable and Veronica Beard makes you feel that way, which is why we love them! 

Check out some of our Current Favorites from the brand below: 

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