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Golden Goose is known for its crazy distressing, leaving many people questioning the purpose of the sneakers. Many say "But they look dirty?" and they would be right - they look worn and that is exactly what designers Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo have always wanted them to look like. 

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These sneakers came at a time when there was nothing else quite like them - luxury level sneakers that are distressed and cost $300-$600. While they're exterior looks a little more rugged, everything else about the shoes is completely luxurious. They're handmade in Italy using high-end leathers and suedes and calf hair textiles to create texture on the sneakers. Then to get the quintessential "worn" look each one is personally distressed so that they have the perfectly scuffed up style that now appeals to so many people all around the world. 

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The designers wanted to keep their shoes worn-looking because they wanted their luxury shoes to look like they have lived a life. They didn't want to to look like these shoes had been set in a duster bag, in a box, on top of a shelf. Golden Goose started with the idea that luxury can truly meet lifestyle, meshing the flamboyant patterns and colors and textiles with the skater-esque, scuffed up finish on each sneaker. This is what made Golden Goose Deluxe Brand unique when it was born from two Venetian designers in 2007 , and it's what continues to make the brand stand out 12 years later in 2019! 

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We are obsessed with the collections we receive each season and truly believe that Golden Goose sneakers are the perfect addition to every wardrobe. They are the perfect sneaker to wear with jeans or shorts and make every outfit you wear them with  look ten times cooler! These sneakers sell quickly each time a new style arrives so head over to shop our full Golden Goose Collection online and in-store now! 


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