Plantula What Would Love Do Tee

Plantula What Would Love Do Tee

  • Beige
  • "Emperor Dragonfly" on shoulder
  • "Ask, What Would Love Do" Front
  • Dragonfly Embroidered detail.

Plantula Garden celebrates the goodness of Mother Earths Bounty, our love of fine T-Shirt dressing and the appreciation of crafted goods.

This is a story of two girlfriends who came together over their love of creating beautiful things and supporting women.

Every T-Shirts embroidery is hand sewn at Cats With A Heart Mexico Foundation atelier. They offer formally incarcerated women, and Employment and Development Program that guarantees fair and safe working conditions.

The T-shirts are locally sourced from a Mexican city brand that insures fair living wages for the small family-owned factories in Oaxaca.

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